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    Georgia is the world’s oldest winemaking region where it all began some 8000 years ago. Since ancient times love to the wine has been deeply rooted in the cultural values, beliefs and customs of the Georgian people. From here viniculture started spreading around the globe.

    Nowadays Georgian wine has again become a real discovery and a genuine paradise for anyone longing for something above and beyond ordinary taste and quality. Apart from its still chiefessays.net existing unique technique of winemaking in clay vessels  – qvevri – Georgia is home to more than 500 autochthonous varieties of grapes such as  Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kisi, Mtsvane.

    With ancient and modern winemaking equipment these varieties of grapes produce wines with aromas and tastes unknown anywhere else on earth. No wonder that Georgia has become a hot spot for winemaking creativity and palatable discoveries.

    At Mosmieri we see ourselves as a driving part of the fascinating nascent story of Georgia’s vinicultural comeback to the international market. As Georgia’s wine future is certainly not in mass production we position ourselves in the premium segment where class is what matters. We are dedicated to use only local grape varieties historically grown in the Georgian region of Kakheti.

    Our winery is an integral part of a wine touristic chateau designed in Georgian traditional style with modern elements. It is situated within vineyards and sits on a gentle slope overlooking the beautiful Alazani Valley and facing the snow-capped mountain range of the Great Caucasus.  Apart from the wineries there is a large restaurant with bar for 250 persons, facilities for masterclasses (e.g. breadbaking in tone), a nice courtyard with cloister and fountain, a large lounge terrace, a watching tower, a wine store  with winetasting area and a spacious storage rooms in the basement. Next to the existing complex we will soon start building a hotel with 23 comfortable rooms and an outdoor swimmingpool.

    Our brand is named Mosmieri. In old-Georgian language this word stands for a person who drinks and appreciates wine. Welcome to our club.




    Our vineyards and wineries are located in the Tsinandali terroir of the region of Kakheti which is in Georgia’s easternmost part. Kakheti is recognized to be the country’s centre of winemaking accounting for some 70% of Georgia’s wine production. Certain wines from the Tsinandali and Kakheti region enjoy the status of Protected Designations of Origin.

    The grapes we use are grown in vineyards at an altitude between 500 and 600 meters where the soil is composed of clay and solid aggregates. The vines are meticulously nurtured and cared after. Our grapes are harvested and selected by hand. Part of our vineyards next to the chateau is currently being replanted with varietal such as Kisi and Mtsvane.

    The construction of our new wineries was completed  in 2017. There is actually a modern winery using state-of-the-art temperature controlled stainless steel tanks and there is a classic Georgian winery calledMarani with 24 big clay vessels set into the ground. At present, the total capacity of winemaking is 160 tons in tanks and qvevri which allows us to produce up to 140,000 bottles of wine annually. For aging we use French oak barrels which we sourced in Burgundy.

    Our Team

    Our dedicated team comprise one of the best Georgian winemaker, a great vineyard master, a wine-loving foreign investor along with his local business partners. Our wines are the result of a team effort and the following individuals play a major role in our joint success.

    David Maisuradze – Unarguably David is one of Georgia’s best winemakers. He thoroughly cares about every single detail which others might not even consider worth thinking about. His unique approach combines modern oenelogical know-how with local traditions. The wines he designs and creates speak for themselves.

    Goderdzi Mamukelashvili – Goderzi comes from a local family with long viticultural traditions  growing vines for generations. With great love he manages the vineyards in a way that even in years with rather difficult conditions the quality of the grapes is second to none.

    Joerg Matthies – A citizen of Germany he has been in Georgia since 2009. He fell in love with the country and wine. Joerg is the mastermind and driving force behind the project. He is also the principal owner and general director of Mosmieri.

    Beso Vashakashvili – Originally from the nearby city of Telavi Beso is a partner in Mosmieri. In the past he had worked in Kakheti’s wine industry for quite a while. Whenever obstacles arise Beso for sure knows which way to go on how to overcome them.

    Givi Lapauri – Givi hails from the nearby village of Kisiskhevi.  He and his family are deeply rooted in the Tsinandali region and he is passionate about everything concerning wine. Givi joined in as a partner of Mosmieri with his land plots owned on the slopes.

    Aurika Kroitor – as executive director  of Mosmieri Aurika has been involved in almost every detail of the project. With her heart and soul she takes care of the planning and design process, oversees and monitors performance, manages contracts, staff and supplies.

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